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Welcome to Meta - The soul's platform! For people who are open minded, willing to consider other people’s experiences, and draw common insights for the evolution of humankind.

Open up your heart, be real!

Meta is a community of authentic people coming together with a common mission, expressing their inner being! Talk about your own experiences, discussing it with other authentic beings to reach resonance and commonality and really deeply feel connected and expanded.

Jules liked a month ago

The power of forgiveness!!

Remember the 2015 Movie Cinderella??

One of my most favorite scenes were when Cinderella forgives her evil step mother in the end. "And in my happiness, I forgive you"

Many a times we come across people who without any reason... (More)

Jules liked a month ago

The Art of saying NO!!

For a person like me who is constantly conscious of being nice to every single person that I come across, with a tremendous pressure and fear of missing out, I have had too many heartaches in the past. And the... (More)

Xxxxxxxxx replied 2 months ago

Surrounded by fake world

Isn't it just frustrating,to see this fakeness all around you? Yet we ( including me) chose to be the part of it , contribute to it and accept it. Here at the moment I'm pointing out towards our social media... (More)

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