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Life Philosophy

She doesn't want to leave her parents and go to other house after marriage.

Today I was looking at my sibling quitely and was feeling so happy to see them playing together.Getting the equal treatment ,same love,education.And then instantly a thought came to my mind. Yes , I have the habit of overthinking which... (More)

The power of forgiveness!!

Remember the 2015 Movie Cinderella??

One of my most favorite scenes were when Cinderella forgives her evil step mother in the end. "And in my happiness, I forgive you"

Many a times we come across people who without any reason... (More)

Life Philosophy


Am 18 years old have completed my 12th waiting for results in this lockdown i helped my mom in household chores which i don't think many do. I use to wake up at 9 and at 10-11 i do the... (More)

Happy Sunday!! ☺

Good morning everyone!!

I know the past few months have been really difficult. It seems year 2020 is giving us a chance to rectify ourselves, to value relationships that matter and more self time. It can get frustrating sometimes but... (More)