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A community platform where people can share and have discussions around insights they experience about themselves, or humans in general. It’s a platform for people who are open minded, willing to consider other people’s experiences, and draw real insights about how we work from there!

We have discussions around topics like-

-Do our thoughts carry energy

-Do we have direct access to creativity, resonance with ourselves, our max. productive form at some respective specific frequencies of brain waves

-Left brain vs right brain activity, is there a truth to it, are certain humans dominant on certain side

-Should you have a purpose driven work , something that you are passionate about, or do you keep your money making vehicle vs the hobbies/ interests/ passions separate in life

-How does our influence circle effect our thoughts, and thus our whole life

These discussion generally happen when someone experiences an insight and comes and post about their thought on that experience, and other people who have had experience similar to that, or contrary to that, start sharing their view points.

Thus the community starts reaching a commonality in some discussions, generally people get excited at this point, when they are able to so much resonate with each other, that they almost feel like deeply connected with them.

We are NOT  a Solution provider to immediate problems - 

You are experiencing depression or xyz problem, how do you tackle it?  

Hey, We are sorry to hear, and we totally respect the beings looking for help, but we are not the best place to discuss short term remedies. 

But we are definitely a good place, if you have tried to analyse why are you having depression and you can post an insight about that and a discussion would follow with.


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